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To manage your assets in your best interests, we work to establish an optimal balance between your requirements and our convictions, between risk and performance.

Our investment philosophy

Our wealth and portfolio management services comply with the highest standards of the Swiss banking industry. We are able to leverage our extensive and recognised international experience to ensure we meet the strict requirements of a demanding clientele and manage their portfolios in the best possible conditions. As such, we are fully flexible in terms of asset allocation choices; we are able cover a wide range of investment vehicles and diversify our regional, sector and thematic exposure… Our job is then to build investment solutions that reflect our convictions and meet your individual objectives.

Expertise in private wealth management

Helping each of our clients with the implementation and planning of a wealth management strategy is our core business, which is why we are keen to establish relationships based on proximity, communication, and trust. While our client’s wealth profile will determine the selected investment style, we recommend starting with a ‘balanced’ approach before making adjustments according to your objectives or preferences. Safety over performance, mid-term or long-term… whatever your priorities, you can rely on our expertise to help with your decisions. For our part, we ensure the exposure of our portfolios to different types of risk is monitored on a permanent basis. If necessary, we can act in a very timely manner.

A group dynamic

Created in 2012, IRIS Finance International Group was initially envisaged as an aggregator of specialized services. A totally independent player, free in its tactical choices. This independence is reflected in the management strategies developed for their clients by the group’s entities; each subsidiary has retained its own investment philosophy and freedom of action in this area. The strength of IRIS Finance International Group is its ability to bring together promising companies in order to combine the talents that have made their reputation. To highlight their complementarity was the first reason of the group’s existence.

Protecting your interests and
preserve your peace of mind

In addition to the quality of its composition, a portfolio must be regularly optimized to give its full measure. The volatility of the markets also requires constant monitoring and the ability to react immediately when necessary. But your time is precious. This is why Compagnie Financière Genevoise I 1855 also offers a profiled management formula. In this way, you benefit from privileged access to investment funds that have proven their reliability, efficiency and value over the years. For this investment style, the risk-adjusted return profile and the corresponding allocation are defined within a strict framework.


Risk-profiled funds, for more simplicity

Managed by IRIS Finance, this FCP fund was created to provide a strict investment framework with a strong emphasis on risk control. Designed for a predetermined risk profile, this strategy is particularly suitable for clients wishing to be less actively involved in the growth of all or part of their investments.

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Actively managed international strategy

Managed by IRIS Finance, this FCP fund aims to deliver annual performances above 4% (net of fees) over a minimum 5-year investment horizon. Managed with no regional bias or sector constraints, the strategy is not correlated with a market index.

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An FCP with a focus on European equities

Employing an opportunistic and flexible approach to asset allocation and the management of equity risk, this FCP fund managed by IRIS Finance seeks to deliver returns above those of the benchmark, the EURO STOXX 50 NET RETURN EUR (total return). Investment horizon: 5 years minimum.

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